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Q: What is IBM Secure Execution and how does it provide a competitive advantage for business resiliency?

Rushir Patel, Offering Manager for security on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE, on IBM Secure Execution

Rushir Patel

Q: What is IBM Secure Execution and how does it provide a competitive advantage for business resiliency?

In today’s digital economy, your customers expect your business to be always available. They expect to transact business with you 24-7, without interruptions or outages. Yet unplanned downtime, caused by cyberattacks and other unpredictable events, threaten your ability to provide this. 

Outages can disrupt business operations, drain productivity and cause damage to a company’s brand equity and reputation. To be competitive, your enterprise must provide trusted services with high uptime to clients, while consistently delivering new value and features. This demand from clients requires a computing platform that accommodates your developers’ creative genius and a highly secure infrastructure that provides instantaneous data delivery at any time. And as more companies move their on-premise workloads to the cloud, the need for a highly secure and trustworthy hosting solution becomes necessary to help support the availability of services with robust cyberresiliency. 

Engineered to help protect against insider and outsider threats in cloud environments, the IBM z15™ and IBM LinuxONE™ III generation introduced a new capability called Secure Execution for Linux®. This is a hardware-based security technology designed to protect workloads from internal and external threats to help clients prevent disruptive periods of unplanned downtime and costly security breaches. Even if your business doesn’t handle sensitive data or trade secrets, a security breach can lead to extended downtime and compromise your company’s reputation. 

IBM Secure Execution can help protect against security breaches from privileged insiders and external threats by isolating workloads on-premise or on IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z® hybrid cloud environments. Secure Execution is designed to eliminate the window of opportunity for malicious entities to exploit security lapses and gain full access to your core business systems.

By providing a high level of isolation for workloads, Secure Execution helps prevent security breaches that can result in unplanned downtime, business disruptions and loss of brand value and customer trust. It’s a unique and differentiated security solution that can give your business a resiliency advantage over the competition. 

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