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IBM Cloud Pak Offerings are Innovative Middleware Solutions

Joseph Gulla explores IBM Cloud Pak solutions from IBM, which provide organizations with modular and easy to use middleware capabilities

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Last week, I focused on IBM’s innovative middleware in support of business process management. Specifically, the IBM Automation® Software Platform used to digitally transforms how work gets done. It includes a set of capabilities to automate end-to-end workflows and human tasks and decisions. This week, I will explore the other IBM Cloud Pak® solutions from IBM that make up this new family of solutions. These products provide organizations with modular and easy to use middleware capabilities helpful to bring workloads to modern, cloud-based environments.

5 Additional Cloud Pak Offerings

As I wrote about previously, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation is one of six IBM Cloud Pak offerings that are an integrated set of software solutions with AI capabilities for hybrid cloud that help organizations implement intelligent workflows to accelerate digital transformation. Let’s explore the other five solutions:

1. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

With IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, the theme is build, run and modernize applications. This offering from IBM helps organizations modernize existing applications, embed additional security, and develop new applications that promote digital initiatives.
The product is designed to create applications that run anywhere—on public clouds, on premises or on a private cloud. The design point is to be able to run applications where and how they work best for a given organization. The offering contains the tools to harmonize applications to Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud®, a unified Kubernetes platform built on open-source standards.  

2. IBM Cloud Pak for Data

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, the main idea is to collect, organize and analyze data. This IBM offering is an integrated data and AI platform that modernizes how organizations collect, organize and analyze data with the goal to infuse AI throughout their organizations. This solution is cloud native by design with the offering platform combining leading services spanning the entire analytics lifecycle. The offerings scope includes data management, DataOps, governance, business analytics and automated AI. IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps save money by eliminating the need for costly point solutions. It also provides the information architecture needed to implement AI successfully.
The offering is built on the streamlined hybrid-cloud foundation of Red Hat OpenShift, taking advantage of that software’s underlying resource and infrastructure optimization and management capabilities. The offering fully supports multicloud environments such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and private cloud deployments.  

3. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, the subject is integrating applications, data, cloud services and APIs. With this IBM offering, organizations can connect systems and applications in support of better decision making. Organizations benefit from broad and flexible integration by using the capabilities they need to move quickly, including the tools to achieve application modernization goals as part of their journey to cloud.
Organizations can run this integration software anywhere leveraging containers supported by Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud or on any existing infrastructure on premises and through private and public clouds. Organizations use the capabilities they need with a fully modular and easy-to-consume approach. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers the advantage of full software stack support and ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility.

4. IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

The goal of IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is to improve cloud visibility, governance and automation. With this IBM offering, organizations can securely automate end-to-end lifecycle management. The offering, running on Red Hat OpenShift, is an application-centric IT management platform designed to provide comprehensive visibility and control wherever workloads run.  
With this offering, organizations can enable SRE and IT operations to remotely manage the entire development, security and operations pipelines from a single point of control. Automation built into this offering delivers the operational efficiency and application resiliency necessary to ensure business continuity and continuous innovation.

5. IBM Cloud Pak for Security

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is focused on connecting security data, tools and workflows. This offering from IBM provides a platform that helps organizations uncover hidden threats, make more informed risk-based decisions and prioritize team member’s time.

With this solution, organization can connect their existing data sources to generate deeper insights. It is also used to securely access IBM and third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location and quickly execute actions and responses to those threats.
As more applications move to the cloud, security data is frequently spread across different tools, clouds and IT environments. This requires teams to spend more time integrating tools and information. They also have to maintain those integrations, thus spending less time on the important task of securing their organizations. IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps teams address these issues with an open, secure platform.

Impact of Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Pak solutions provide an easy and powerful way to run high-quality, container-based enterprise software on a modern Kubernetes-based orchestration platform. It’s important to note that IBM Cloud Pak solutions are runtime environments for IBM software products based on established best practices. The capabilities of these offerings combine to provide an outstanding deployment experience, integration with core platform services and production-ready qualities of service.
For more technical details, see this document on IBM Cloud Pak Solutions authored by Andre Tost and Kyle Miller.
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